Practice Areas

With over 25 years of experience throughout the United States, BDG Architects has built a reputation as thought leaders through design excellence, building lasting relationships, and delivering design solutions that are responsive and relevant to the changing marketplace. BDG Architects understands each client has a unique set of business strategies which we focus on to create a true partnership.

Our areas of practice include:
Interior Design
Development Services
Digital Design

Our team has expertise, experience and knowledge to bring creative ideas to reality while balancing good design with function. From years of experience as one of the leaders in the Architecture industry, we understand the intricacies of various project types which enhances our ability to produce dynamic design solutions that meet the programmatic needs and fit the requirements of the budget. We are dedicated to the idea of good design to create better, smarter, sustainable, economical and efficient projects.

  • Architecture

    BDG Architects adopted the term “Leadership IN Architecture……….. Leadership BEYOND Architecture®” reflecting on the firm’s daily focus of maintaining the leading edge of the art and science of integrating design into every project. BDG Architects utilizes a method of integrated project delivery that fosters interaction and exchange between client, project team, end-users and the broader community. We bring a global approach to every scale of project and every market, using the analytical problem-solving discipline of architecture to transform contemporary design solutions for each project.

  • Interior Design

    BDG Architects’ commitment to excellence is supported by our strategy to provide clients with memorable, innovative, high quality interior design. With a unique vision and perspective, we work closely with our clients during concept development to achieve innovative workplaces, dynamic public spaces and distinctive interiors. We have a vast portfolio of interior design projects for large scale corporate interiors, residential, retail, restaurant, on-call space planning, and building renovation/public spaces.

    Our duty is to translate and interpret the core values of our clients in organizationally, socially, economically and environmentally responsible design terms. We are dedicated to the ethics of this strategy and to the goals and objectives of our clients to create unique and dynamic spaces that improve the quality of life for the people who experience them.

  • Development Services

    Clients today need a full-service firm that can manage a project from acquisition to certificate of occupancy, and our team has structured itself to be able to fill that role. All aspects of a project including market planning, design evaluation, building design, production of documents, budgeting, consultant retention, cost management, permitting and compliance with all levels of local building requirements are effectively managed by the BDG Development Services team.

    By engaging BDG Architects prior to the transaction, we can effectively focus on protecting the Owner’s schedule and budget throughout the process. Our firm’s knowledge and experience provide the Owner expertise into the issues driving change across markets. To help your businesses navigate the impact of industry trends facing your project, our Development Services team can turn industry challenges into competitive advantages.

    With the comprehensive knowledge of our staff, whether it is a limited number of separate projects, or a multi-year, high-volume program, BDG Architects has extensive experience at all levels to provide responsive knowledge-based Program Management. This is beneficial to our Program Clients as we manage their diverse programs throughout the US. Our current Program Clients are represented in various markets including Retail Centers, Financial Institutions, Retail Banking, Quick Service Restaurants and major Grocery Store Chains.

  • Digital Design

    As the industry evolves, the dependence on digital technology and media has become widespread. BDG has been dedicated to continuous improvement and staying ahead of these developments. We use Revit as the cornerstone of our Building Information Model (BIM) methodology. In addition to BIM, our design teams use technologies such as clash detection, machine learning & Artificial Intelligence, 3D scanning & printing, and Virtual & Augmented Reality to work through a design from different points of view.

    Integrating this technology into a workflow founded in digital thinking forces us to have a deeper and more intimate understanding of our designs. This understanding provides us the ability create smarter and more efficient designs. Technology is also a driver of increased productivity that promotes innovation. Another benefit is how technology allows us to communicate the design intent to one another, to our consultants, and to our clients and stake holders. Technology has progressed so far that we can now communicate in ways that were once thought to be out of reach. We can bridge the gap in terms of production vs practicality in an efficient and cost-effective way.